Borrow less, save more

It’s time to shine a light into the black box of credit assessment and open up access to affordable credit for all.

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Hi –

We’re Adrian and Ben, co-founders of NestEgg.

Getting a loan with payments you can afford has always been a challenge. But with COVID-19 it’s only getting harder.

Then there’s the ’computer says no’ problem where you apply for a loan and get turned-down but you don’t get told why! Hard to know then what you’re supposed to do.

As if all that isn’t bad enough…

… the three credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax & TransUnion) are constantly gathering-up data about us, behind our backs, to come up with credit scores for us!

These credit scores are worked out by computer using hundreds of different factors. Lenders use these credit scores to decide whether or not to grant us a loan.

Every time you apply for a loan or other form of credit like an overdraft or credit card, your information is recorded at these credit reference agencies. Every time you miss a payment – they know!

Meanwhile… credit card balances creep up when times get tough or in the run up to Christmas. Changing job or moving home can lead to a few missed payments. And who’d have thought NOT being on the electoral roll is a reason to decline your loan?

The next thing you know, you’re turned down and you have no idea why.

The good news is that NestEgg is here to share the secrets with you. We pull back the curtain and show you exactly what really matters to lenders. We tell you the specific things you need to do to get the loan you deserve.

How does it work?

We know what lenders are looking for: good and bad. So, with your permission at every step of way, we trawl through your credit profile data and provide you with the personalised recommendations you need to improve your chances of getting a loan on the right terms.

Of course, we cannot guarantee an individual lender will say yes but we can make it much more likely they will.

By the way, we only work with responsible lenders like credit unions who are member-owned, non-profit and generally offer better rates than the high street banks – let alone payday lenders and other high cost providers!

In our opinion, easy access to affordable credit is a human right. It’s also the first step towards borrowing less and saving more.

With NestEgg, we’re doing just that. It’s a reboot. A new way of approaching credit. A fresh start for all who deserve a healthier financial future.

PS We’re rolling out this FREE service to members of selected credit unions now. Meanwhile, enter your email for tips on improving your credit score – and to get an invitation for the app!

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