No-one likes to borrow, but everyone loves to save

The NestEgg app opens the door to more affordable credit, lower debt and higher savings.

Fairer access to credit

Lenders turn down credit applicants all the time. Sometimes it’s the right thing to do. But often the lender is missing a trick. And an opportunity to help a borrower in need.

To make matters worse, the lender rarely explains the reasons for a decline to the applicant. Is it any wonder a borrower doesn’t know how to improve their chances next time?

Meanwhile, the applicant must go without, or be forced to pay an exorbitant interest rate to a high cost lender. They are pushed deeper into debt. None the wiser, the cycle repeats itself.

There’s a better way...

NestEgg puts the applicant in control of their own credit profile. They get to decide what to share and with whom.

Our app makes it easy for individuals to apply for loans and if they’re turned down improve their credit profile so they can be accepted next time. Data from a wide range of sources provides a comprehensive picture of each person's unique circumstances.

We combine traditional credit data with income and expenditure provided through Open Banking. These are used to build three Financial Health Indicators: your borrow score, spending balance and savings plans.

Borrow less, save more

No one wants to borrow, but everyone loves to save. But it’s not easy. The NestEgg app helps people borrow more affordably, cutting the amount spent on interest. We make it easy to budget so you can kick start a savings habit. Over time our users build an emergency fund and eventually grow a nest egg.

Meet the team

Adrian Davies

Adrian Davies is a co-founder at NestEgg. Adrian's been campaigning for fairer finance for 25 years.

Ben Breen

Ben Breen is a co-founder at NestEgg. Ben's in charge of the technology and getting the word out. Tai chi and leaf tea keep him going.